7 Most Expensive Classic Motorcycles

Classic motorbikes hold a special place in the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. These two-wheeled icons not only represent a bygone era of motorcycling but also embody the passion and craftsmanship of their time. In this article, we will delve into the world of classic motorbikes and explore the seven most expensive models ever sold. From timeless designs to historical significance, these motorcycles have become the epitome of exclusivity and luxury, captivating the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

  1. Brough Superior SS100

The Brough Superior SS100 is often regarded as the “Rolls-Royce of motorcycles.” Manufactured by Brough Superior, a British motorcycle company founded by George Brough, the SS100 was produced between 1924 and 1940. Known for its impeccable craftsmanship, innovative engineering, and exceptional performance, the SS100 quickly gained a reputation as one of the finest motorcycles of its time. Its advanced features, such as a powerful V-twin engine and superior handling, made it a favorite among speed enthusiasts and riders who appreciated luxury. Today, the Brough Superior SS100 is a highly sought-after classic motorbike, with rare examples commanding astronomical prices at auctions.

  1. Vincent Black Lightning

The Vincent Black Lightning is an iconic British motorcycle renowned for its unparalleled speed and record-breaking performance. Manufactured by Vincent HRD, the Black Lightning was produced from 1948 to 1952. With a supercharged 998cc V-twin engine, the Black Lightning set numerous speed records, including the title of “The World’s Fastest Standard Motorcycle” in 1948. Its combination of power, engineering excellence, and striking aesthetics make it a highly desirable classic motorbike among collectors. Due to its rarity and historical significance, the Vincent Black Lightning fetches top prices in the market.

  1. Harley-Davidson “Captain America” Chopper

The Harley-Davidson “Captain America” Chopper gained international fame through its appearance in the iconic 1969 film “Easy Rider.” Ridden by actor Peter Fonda, this customized Harley-Davidson chopper became a symbol of counterculture and rebellion. Its unique design, featuring a long front fork, extended handlebars, and a custom paint job, captured the spirit of freedom and individualism. The “Captain America” Chopper is not only a significant piece of motorcycle history but also a cultural icon, leading to its high value among collectors and enthusiasts.

  1. Crocker Big Tank
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